Monday, July 8, 2013

[Updated] Something new for tinkerers on East Fifth Street

Goggla passes along word of a new store that has opened on East Fifth Street just east of Second Avenue...

We don't know anything about Tinkersphere other than what is on its website:

Tinkersphere Corp. is a high-end retailer specializing in robotics, DIY electronics and toys. All products are hand-selected to ensure the utmost in quality. Based in New York City, Tinkersphere is proud to serve tinkerers of every age and skill level.

The previous tenant here, the specialty records shop Tropicalia in Furs, closed in January.

The folks at Tinkersphere passed along some more info to us...

Tinkersphere officially opened on July 1 at 304 East 5th Street in the East Village. The president, an engineer herself, opened this store to help serve the growing community of tinkerers and makers in New York City. Tinkersphere hopes to inspire, educate and empower tinkerers of all ages by providing a range of toys, crafts, robot kits, and hobby electronic kits for all skill levels. Tinkersphere is preparing little tinkerers for the digital age we live in while giving grown tinkerers a place to entertain their hobbies and gain new ones.

Updated 7-11
Serena Solomon at DNAinfo has a feature on the store here.

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Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Kind of Elizabeth Street-y but at least it's not a Sunglass Hut.