Monday, August 3, 2015

A smaller Galleria J. Antonio reopens on Avenue A, 2 doors down

Earlier this year, the store closing signs arrived at Galleria J. Antonio at 47 Avenue A between East Third Street and East Fourth Street.

However, Galleria J. Antonio curator Jesse Gee decided to reopen two doors down at No. 43, where he will continue to sell arts and crafts and custom jewelry and watches…

As he told us at the start of the summer: "I can't stop working because I love what I do and STILL NEED A JOB, but — I must slow down and work fewer days and hours."

And now the new, smaller Galleria J. Antonio is open, as EVG regular Peter Brownscombe reports…

As for No. 47, we hear that the owners of the Essex Card Shop at 39 Avenue A are opening a second outpost.

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All photos by Peter Brownscombe


Anonymous said...

This is great news. I was heartbroken by the loss of BOTH Ben Ari Judaica and J. Antonio, both close to each other on Avenue A and close in time. The shopkeepers were also friends, with somewhat overlapping merchandise (Judaica).

Every small business that finds a way to stay alive in the E.V. gives me hope for the survival of our real neighborhood.

Which somewhat counters every stab of despair that comes with the arrivals/expansions of the Caffe Benes, Checkers, etc.


john penley said...

Finally some good news from the neighborhood. Come on people go and buy something from them they have beautiful, one of a kind items and when you buy something from Jesse you are helping artists as well.