Friday, August 7, 2015

First condo units at 189 Avenue C are now for sale

[EVG file photo]

Back in June, a resident at 189 Avenue C told us that the 10-story rental at East 12th Street was converting to condos.

The resident said that this is a non-eviction condominium offering plan — no non-purchasing tenant will be evicted by reason of conversion to condominium ownership.

In any event, the first of these condo units have arrived on the market. Here's the pitch via Douglas Elliman:

Located in one of Manhattan's most exciting and dynamic nabes, 189 Avenue C boasts generous and organic layouts, stunning light and views from every exposure and price points that will make you feel great about your new home. Featuring virtual doorman, 421a tax abatement, super low monthly charges, fitness center and new Bosch and Fisher & Paykel appliances, the new condo development is perfect for those seeking value and panache in equal measure. Showing by appointment only. Units available for immediate occupancy.

We spotted a handful of listings, priced from $795,000 (785 square feet) to $1.4 million (1,124 square feet).

The listings include several photos of a model unit... such as this one...

The building also just changed hands… the asking price had been $32.5 million. We didn't spot the sale yet in public records.

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189 Avenue C is converting to condos


Anonymous said...

What's the etiquette on tipping virtual doormen over the holidays? Is Bitcoin ok?

Not Douglas Elliman said...

Located in one of Manhattan's most exciting flood zones, 189 Avenue C boasts egregious and hydroponic layouts, exclusive sun from above, and looking from all windows. End users of all kinds will feel great in this exfoliated home!

Features include premium buzzer, discount to H&R Block, treadmill, stove, sink, oven, low fees and more available all to anyone enjoying to continue to read this run on sentence for which the payoff for finishing is minimal.

This condo is perfect for demographic including single, married, other woman, family raising, roof raising and more. Fido and Whiskers are also welcome.

Please call or come by!

Anonymous said...

OMG! They said 'nabe'!

Anonymous said...

*Pah-dum, tissssh*, 9:40AM.

Anonymous said...

Bosch and Fisher & Paykel appliances - because you're not sort of common street rat who would eat something that came out of a fridge made by GE or Amana.

Anonymous said...

At some point people won't find it cool to pay so much money for tiny apartments.

Gojira said...

I didn't know white came in so many shades.

Anonymous said...

And seasonable canoeing and kayaking, right outside your door! Nature calls.