Saturday, August 15, 2015

Os Gêmeos on 2nd Avenue

If you been walking on Second Avenue near East First Street, then you've likely seen the new mural going up next to the former BP station on the corner.

As BoweryBoogie noted yesterday, this is the work of the Brazilian twins Os GêmeosGoggla shared the above photo from yesterday… we walked by earlier this morning, and they were just starting work…

… and a view from the cherry picker…

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A 10-story retail-resident complex has dibs on the former BP property.

There is a new mural going up at Bloom 62 on Avenue B as well… will post about that later. Update: That post is here. (Ditto for the new mural on East Third Street next to the shelter.)


Anonymous said...

So what's the point? It'll be gone in a few years once the building goes up.

Anonymous said...

Os Gemeos are dope. How is Bloom 62 going to get a mural, it's all windows. A disgrace, that building.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected, Bloom 62 is the other building I hate, but it's not all windows.


Haring, Baquiat, and Wojnarowicz also painted ephemeral public art. Just enjoy it. Jeeze.

Anonymous said...

Eu não gosto disso.

Anonymous said...

What's the point? Did you just ask that? Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
[Hey! EVGrieve: can you filter out tourists' comments by checking their originating IP addresses? 'Cuz that comment must be from Iowa.]
Just sayin' :D
I know it takes all kinds but remember somebody posting yesterday about how the EV's cranky senior citizens should go away? I'm starting to see their point when they complain about cool murals... We need cooler senior citizens. I aim to become one! Gimme 30 years...
Perhaps that glorious colorful mural will melt their crotchety old hearts.
I'm never leaving the EV - but damnit - I'm a little jealous of Brooklyn's murals!
>>> While we're on the subject:
I love your dog mural! (Is it 2nd @ 1st?)
Stop doing people! Your Taz mural looks like the Ecce Homo painting (google it - "Taz Chico Mural" and "Ecce Homo" the Renaissance fresco that somebody ruined and is now a huge tourist attraction - wait! Chico - did you go to Italy???). I digress: You can't paint mouths! Love your dog!!! Give us more!


The proper term is "beast Jesus" thank you very much. ;)

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

I love their work!

Anonymous said...

Hey, 4:55, you dont know the history of murals on the LES, do you? Back in the day, we fought to preserve murals as central to LES culture. Now we import artists with imported slick styles, and use them to market b.s. dormitory-style barracks.

Yeah, enjoy the art while the scaffolding goes up amid insipid hand-clapping.

Can yo come up with a better place than Iowa for recividists?