Thursday, August 6, 2015

[Updated] The former P.S. 64 appears to be for sale

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Updated: Several people have noted that this listing is a fake, so enjoy the humor then

Perhaps developer Gregg Singer is giving up his plans to convert the former P.S 64 and CHARAS/El Bohio community center into student housing.

An ad for the long-empty space arrived yesterday on Craigslist.

Per the listing:

East Village Development Site

Area: East Village (between Avenue B & Avenue C)

Plans: Approved with Community Facility

Zoning District code: C1-5/R7-2
Other district code: C2-5

No Due Diligence as Development Site comes with approved plans.

Seller wants to close this out very quickly!

Asking price: $33 million.

While the Craigslist ad doesn't mention the specific address for the landmarked, block-thru building between East 9th Street and 10th Street, there aren't any other properties that fit this bill on the block.

The number on the ad is for Cornerstone Properties, which provides commercial and residential sales in New York City and surrounding area. (This listing doesn't appear yet on the Cornerstone website. We reached out to them for details.)

The building last hit the market in March 2012. That listing didn't come with an asking price.

As reported on Monday, the DOB approved permits for conversion of the existing building to a dorm on June 19, a move that caught local activists and politicians by surprise. However, the approved permits may be short-lived. Last Friday, the DOB added a "notice to revoke" message atop the permit.

Singer bought the formerly city-owned building in 1998 for $3.15 million … and has to date unsuccessfully been able to convert the long-emtpy space into student housing. Meanwhile, there continues to be a movement to return the building between to use as a cultural and community center.

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Anonymous said...

Come on EV Grieve u must realize this is a joke ad on Craigslist.

Anonymous said...

I am against the gentrification and the overdevelopment of our community. However, I don't understand why all the wealthy people in Cristadora did not just buy this property for the $3 million before Singer. They have the money. The people in the Cristadora only got involved after Singer decided to build a dorm. It was then that the politico's decided to get involved. Money talks. Would anything have been done if Cristadora had not gotten involved? If this was next to any other building there would be a dorm.

Anonymous said...

Meh, pretty lame fake ad -- at least make it funny!

Anonymous said...

Explain this movement you speak of. A bunch of people whining and showing up once a year in protest is barely a movement.

Scuba Diva said...

At 7:31 AM, Anonymous said,

I am against the gentrification and the overdevelopment of our community. However, I don't understand why all the wealthy people in Cristadora [sic] did not just buy this property for the $3 million before Singer.

I don't know if you know this, but the $3.1 million price was arrived at at auction. If there had been a bidding war—which, sadly, there wasn't—the price would likely have been higher and Singer [represented by an anonymous bidder at the auction] would possibly have won anyway.

Anonymous said...

He now wants tens of millions for the property. If you know someone who has $20 or $30 mil to buy it, let Councilwoman Rosie Mendez know.

Anonymous said...

There is no more community in the East Village: GREED HAS KILLED THE LAST COMMUNITY in the hood. I wish I could get all of these so-called real estate MOGULS in one room and make them listen to all of the horrors that they have wrought only to line their pockets and laugh while the rest of us plot on, scrambling to pay the high rents, out of real places to shop and eat, while the newcomers with money just shit (theoretically of course) on what little is left. Meanwhile—LOOK AT ALL WE HAVE LOST. LOOK AT ALL THE EMPTY STOREFRONTS. NYC is dying, or already dead. It's sooooo depressing to live here now. This is not the same neighborhood...look: no block sales, no community fairs anymore. All the cool people gone, just vanished. I don't know how you keep it up John. I cannot get a woody for the hood any longer. It's a ghost town now, BLOATED full of CASH AND SHIT. I say we have to get violent on these real estate bandits. we should get organized and START COSTING THEM MONEY for all these empty storefronts that were, just minutes ago, vibrant shops. HOW CAN WE FIGHT BACK? WHEN IS THE REVOLUTION STARTING? Where are all these anarchists that I hear about (but never see in action)? I'm willing to lay my body on the tracks, so to speak. Wake up people. WHERE OH WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?

Anonymous said...

#@3:35pm: The anarchists can't afford to live here anymore.

Realize the 1% has won. Here in the EV, the FB and Google employees and all the other silicon-valley-east types have taken over, and they are the new "Masters of the Universe" - geeky & fratty & very well-paid. They like their neighborhood a certain way, and they're getting what they want. The rest of us(those who form an actual neighborhood) can just go to hell as far as they're concerned - we are dinosaurs and we have no value to the tech geeks at all.

Anonymous said...

It would make an amazing hotel with the circle drive ups on either side.

Anonymous said...

Well done3:35 the yippies are long gone from number 9 who will stand up now ..