Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hooters and Red Mango

This thought crossed my mind when I saw the Red Mango sign in the window of the former CBGB T-shirt shop the other day: What if someone is just fucking with us?

Remember when jokesters put the Hooters sign in the window of the recently shuttered Second Avenue Deli back in February 2006? Lordy, had I been doing this site at the time, there would have been around-the-clock-developing-breaking-exclusive coverage of the sign.

Well, maybe not. Anyway, Urban Prankster recently revisited the Hooters hoax.

As for Red Mango on St. Mark's, I'm afraid we really are in for more frozen yogurt.


Anonymous said...

I'm really torn, would I prefer red mango, whose clientele would be these giggling SATC wannabes, ?


Hooters (even though it's probably a hoax) whose staff would be these giggling SATC wannabes, and whose clientele would be the lager louts and the frat boys

I think I'd opt for the former.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer a hooters. Why? because at Hooters you get served by young chicks with their huge racks staring you in the face. Only difference between Hooters and the random east village haunt is the hooters shirt (and usually a cup size or two....and maybe a pair of testacles...and a mop top haircut.... and possibly some dumb tattoos....and stubble....and a perfunctorry fake nice attitude).