Monday, July 14, 2008

Things that I won't be doing tonight

I keep getting e-mails from my good friends at Ticketmaster saying that seats are still available for tonight's Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium. Plus, you can come early and watch the all-stars warm up for tomorrow night's annual All-Star Game! Wow, that sounds boring! Still, maybe I could get Nate McLouth's autograph! (Yeah, "who?" is right.)

So, I finally thought I'd take a look. Maybe I'd pluck down my $20 for a tier reserve seat.


Let's see, Tier 11, Row X....$150. Plus! The $8 "convenience charge."

So what's the make a decent seat? Box 72, third-base side...$600! Plus! The $8 "convenience charge."


Anonymous said...

And this is only for the warm-up game and the home run derby, not the All-Star game itself? No wonder why A-Rod is getting millions of $ just to hit, on average, 1 out of 3 baseball per game. I should have never avoided gym class in high school instead of fantasizing about Madonna. I could be hooking-up with Madonna right now, instead.

Anonymous said...

Hi esquared,

Yeah, the $150 is just for tonight!

Tickets for the actual game tomorrow are going for between $406 and $8,890 on StubHub right now...I saw some BLEACHER seats going for $1,551!

Wonder where Madonna will be watching the game. Ha.