Friday, July 25, 2008

Team Bride confidential

Did you see the women in the "team bride" T-shirts in the neighborhood Saturday night? I found a blog post on what this was all about: A bachelorette party featuring a scavenger hunt through the East Village. (There were two teams: the grooms vs. the brides.)

Anyway, in case you were wondering what that was all about, here is one of the participant's account of the evening via her blog (names and links have been left out...):

The last thing I recall about the night is having a booty off at the final bar (for those of you that are unaware, a booty off is a ass-shaking dance off competition)…and I might have won. I mean, according to me, that is. I mean, Brand New Booty comes on and no one can shake it like I can. You have to trust me with this.

And really…what is better than spending a weekend with some of your best girls…hanging out in NYC all day and night and having a booty off?

Exactly. Nothing.

Man I love New York.

Some more highlights:

* Asking a crackhead in Thompkins Square Park for directions to a statue and having a homeless man interuppt to give me “real” directions and be strangely alert, happy, and friendly for being outside at 12am in this park

* Going into one of the East Village Precincts with my biggest smile and please be nice to me look on my face while asking the cops if they would take some pictures with us for the game. (they did -– never underestimate the power of boobies in a tight tee shirt)

* Following a guy with tons of tattoos carrying 2 bags of garbage to a graveyard (riiiight)

Did I mention I love NYC? Only in New York could we do a Scavenger Hunt where every area we walked in downtown was filled with people ready to help us with our more outrageous tasks (and this being the East Village most were low key artiste hippie types with lots of “I wanna help” qualities.”)

All the streets were packed with a wide variety of flavorful different people. I am used to this area because one of my siblings lived here (but more towards Union Square and not Alphabet City)…but I could get around Gramercy Park, Murray Hill, Midtown and the Upper East Side in my sleep. Slowly throughout the years I am becoming more and more familiar with the gloriousness that is Soho, TriBeca, West Village and Greenwich Village and many other cute downtown areas. Ah, I love those areas.

But East Village is a whole other animal in many ways . . . Its a quirky and sometimes downright bizarre place…where some streets are almost quiet and dainty and the others are filled with people 24-7 and lined with bars, quick food joints, and restaurants. What a trip a hunt was around there.


Jeremiah Moss said...

dear god. brilliant.

are you really not going to share the link with us?

Anonymous said...

I just threw up a little in my mouth. Thank God I wasn't out in the EV that night!

Anonymous said...

My friends like to go to Atlantic City and keep inviting me to go with them, and when I finally went, this is what I saw there: bachelorettes stumbling drunk, drinking alcoholic beverages from a penis shape straw, wearing a necklace with a penis pendant. I vow I'd never return to AC, yet here they are, coming here. Is there no escape?

P.S. please tell us the link to the blog. post it in JM's blog, if you want, anonymously.

JamesChanceOfficial said...

Nice work. How long until they start showing up for spring break?

Anonymous said...

i say let 'em keep coming. my real estate values keep going up.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the yunnie girl in question keeps declaring "I love NYC"? And she's right, New York, now nothing more than a large playground for affluent kids, is the perfect stage for obnoxious and infantile behaviors that would not have been tolerated a decade ago. But unfortunately now, be it Atlantic City, New York, Hoboken, San Fransisco, etc--wherever the yunnie is, these behaviors will follow. As I'm sure you've noticed, they all share a single personality.
However, like Anononymous said, in wealthy world, this stuff is a good thing, since there they are seen as "our kids" (which they are, of course) and their massed presence only makes genrification more profitable.
Remember, what's bad or annoying to us is usually good for them.

I'm very disturbed by this. I'm always dismayed when little yunnie kids play some elaborate game in public (such as "action groups" or "train parties"), and, despite everything they've done to us over past few years, boldly go up to ordinary people and gigglingly try to involve them. Under the circumstances, I've always thought a sock in the mouth and an angry "Yuppie go home or help me pay these rent hikes you bring!" would be the best reaction, but unfortunately many people seem to go along with it, which I guess shows the glaring need for a general "conciousness raising" about the realities of gentrification.
I certainly hope this fades away as the yunnie loses interest, and is not a sign of larger things to come (such as a Spring Break, god forbid).

Anonymous said...

Go Team Douchebags and Team Douchebaguettes. Yay!

To Karate Boogaloo, they are already here for Spring Break. An extended or permanent Spring Break

Anonymous said...

This is a very strong argument in favor of the outer boroughs.

Anonymous said...

I loooove yunnies. The'yre an easy lay.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys... it's the INTERNET! Just copy and paste some text and do a search, and.. voila..!

Anonymous said...

"But with these tee shirts, we all looked way younger than we are and we ended up reenacting pledging pictures, and scarily–we looked like we were pledging. It was some kind of awesome…"

-- Sorority girls. Figures.

Anonymous said...

I posted a snarky comment to her blog and it got immediately deleted. Even her posts are gentrified!

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous July 25, 2008 7:23 PM, errr EV Grieve.

Anonymous said...



Ken Mac said...

You must read the comments to Kassy's blog. It is horrid. Her pic alone is worth 1000 words. She's ready for her closeup.

KassyK said...

Apologies to anyone offended by my post.

I had no idea you would take it so seriously.

It was a fluff post intended to be fluff.

A friend had a party and I wrote a tongue in cheek post about it but the entire night was tongue in cheek.

Again apologies for attending an event a friend put together.

To sit here and make assumptions about me based on a recalled night flashing back to how we acted back in college (embarassingly bad I admit)...that is ten times worse than me posting about it.

I am a generally quiet person who writes mostly about film and stays in almost every night.

If you get off on making people feel bad...congratulations.

It worked.

Anonymous said...

Textbook yunnie all the way, with a two-pronged approach to outside criticism:
1. She was misunderstood (they usually are, when criticism gets to heady). I suppose she really meant it as a parody of this sort of yuppie-girl personality, which means our impressions of her were correct, just that, being "tounge in cheek" she was sort of playing a character (that is, she still did it, but she was not serious about doing it while she was doing it). Okay then.
2. Only mean people criticize fun-loving white kids, and no matter what they do, criticizing them for it is like, totally like, WAY worse! 'Cause it's like, mean...

As I think I've said many times before to many different yuppie/hipsters for basically the same compaint: If you kids want to flounce around in public purposely doing stupid things, EXPECT CRITICISM. That's about the best advice I can give. Sorry if it hurts your feelings, but just because this city's been gentrified beyond belief dosen't mean that it's a big playground (even though it may seem that way).

KassyK said...

Joshua? Did I not apologize? Did I not tell you I am sorry I offended you? Do you want me to promise to never step foot into the East Village again?


All I am doing is apologizing for offending anyone.

What you are doing is harassing me on my blog...writing over 6 comments in a row to degrade and treat me like garbage on posts that have to do with my life...not NYC...not gentrification and surely not making a spectacle.


You have to move on...find yourself a worthy target.

I am trying to live a quiet life...with no drama.

Just go away...please.

I am asking politely for you to just go away.

Anonymous said...

Well, if we're talking about comments left on YOUR blog, I think we're talking about a different Joshua. I've only left comments here.

Nonetheless, I imagine that the other Joshua was similarly offended by your story. I (the Joshua on this site) acknowledge your apology, but like I said, be advised that this stuff is not cute to everyone.

KassyK said...

Joshua--I am sorry. I do not have any normal "Joshua" commenters and I assumed that was you because he is taking almost word for word your comments here and cutting and pasting them on every post on my blog. Every post...I have written ONE post about Three years.

I am aware this is not cute to everyone...hence my consistent apologies.

But this commenter is going way beyond the normal "criticisms". He is making fun of my family, my writing aspirations, my friends and basically anything I write about...including a cornerstone of my blog--Film Reviews and TV recaps.

Its getting way over the line and it is beyond is getting obsessive.

Again, I am sorry...I am not here to offend and if I did, I apologize.

I guess living in DC for 7 years and choosing one of the remaining parts of the city that has not be "gentrified" itself, I can understand the qualms you all feel and way you felt my post was condescending.

That was never my intention and if it came off immature...again, I am sorry.

But going out of your way to purposely hurt someone by making fun of them? I think anyone white, black, green or purple would be offended.

My post was never intended to hurt.

There is a big difference there.

But still I take responsibility and give apologies.

I hope I can eventually go back to blogging about normal things without this creep making fun of everything I do or say on every post I write.

Anonymous said... sure do use the word "normal" a lot. Is that what you think you are?

Anonymous said...

why don't you leave this poor girl alone for christ sake. to all you bitter douchebags pissed off about "yunnies" running around trying to have a good time, please just shut up. this isn't YOUR neighborhood. It never was. If you don't like it, move on to the next "hipster" area and leave the rest of us the fuck alone. pseudo-liberal hipster nazis are truly worthless.

Anonymous said...

I am not really sure why you guys think you own this hood, and just assume anyone who isn't "just like you" doesn't belong there. NYC is a place where EVERYONE should be accepted and welcome, and they shouldn't be open to ridicule just because you feel they are different than you.

You don't know anything about any one of those girls/guys in this group. You are making gross generalizations about people who did you no harm other than to be out in your vicinity having a good time.

To tear someone apart, to make someone feel like they have to apologize for writing something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU... that is just sad.

You claim to be true New Yorkers (which I am) who come in all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds..... but you are acting more like the stuck up snobs you seem to hate so much.

Anonymous said...

don't you understand, these east village nazis masquerade as Obama loving ultraliberals when in reality all they are are fascist losers. they'll attack some girl out on a bachelorette party for christ sake. You simply cannot get any more cowardly than that. What has truly deteriorated the east village is these bitter bitter losers who cling to some idyllic community that never existed except in their minds. I can take the so called "yunnies" who yap incessantly on the cell phone and don't say excuse me. Those folks are transitory in my mind. And at least they contribute economically to the neighborhood and then leave. But these bitter loser types do nothing but bitch and moan because of their vapid empty existences and the personification of their emptiness is these young kids just trying to have a good time.

Anonymous said...

ahhh yes...did you guys know that ken mac is so moronic that he thought the picture posted on her blog was of HER?!

it was of a famous actress intended to show young people out having fun...what planet are you on ken mac?

his picture is worth a 1000 words comment...shows how truly stupid and ignorant these EV morons are.

they are a bunch of elitist obnoxious yunnies yourselves.

What is a yunnie? Ask Jeremiah Moss...the KING OF THE YUNNIES.

And stuytownisfullofyunnies commenter...i will answer that question for this girl. if being "normal" is being apologetic (for NOTHING), kind, sweet, and quiet...yes, she is normal.

if it is by YOUR definition of normal aka obsessive, stalker, psychotic, possible paranoid schitzophrenia like YOU, she is proud to be nothing like you.


the irony of all this is it shows that you ken ev grieve and all you faceless idiots are YUNNIES.


Anonymous said...

I know, many of your kind have told us before, and believe me it never gets any less devastating.

I've always been confused as to why people attacking infantile middle-class kids are somehow snobbish. True enough, the wealthy are always complaining about the behavior of the people in the neighborhoods they're gentrifying, but I've never heard this directed at the giggling young white kids in the area (like I said, they see them as "our kids"); which perhaps is why they persist in treating the world like a playground on into adulthood. Perhaps if criticism were more generally accepted in yuppie/hipster world they could make themselves grow up a little.

P.S. I don't know that any of us are stalking her by commenting on EVG's blog, though one could question what this thread has to do with any of these ultra-protective Anonymouses (are you all her relatives or something?). Maybe you're in love with Ken Mac? Who knows.

Anonymous said...

joshua--you might just be deranged...or choose to hear what you choose to hear but this is the truth:

she had to close down her blog bc she was getting comments harrassing her and threatening her safety..that came from this site...the same guy over and over and over.

this is a girl who wrote a post about having a night out.

go find a real yunnie...not a visiting tourist expressing joy at having fun.

did she not apologize for going out? (which no person should have to do EVER)

i am reading this sickened.

living in the east village in the 90s, i am ashamed you people use our neighborhoods name like this.

this is a girl who participated in a bachelorette party for a friend.

you can say you don't want people in your neighborhood but to vilify someone you don't know and make assumptions that are so far off the mark...its just sad.

and how could i be in love with ken mac...he is the biggest moron i have ever come across.

Anonymous said...

ps--by using the name joshua with no are ANONYMOUS...give me your last name...your photo...your address (all things this girl had up until she was forced to closed down her blog--which has NOTHING to do with New York--she is a DC Blogger)

..then you can say differently but until are an anon.

and as far as i are young, white, and elitist...

you can say differently but the truth is that you are making i will too.

you are exactly what you hate.

you are rich.

you are entitled.

you are overly educated which makes you think you are smart but you are stupid...this confuses your small brain and you must lash out.

and so you find targets.

yes, targets.

you are a bully.

go back to high school.

Anonymous said...

Joshua--This is Kassy, I tried signing in with wordpress but it is acting strange.

My family does not read my blog, nor did I tell outside friends or anyone in my DC blog community about this.

So I am not sure who those anons are, but again, please do not assume they are people who know me.

They are not.

I thought I had apologized over and over...and I thought you had acknowledged that.

So again, I ask you to please leave me out of this.


My blog was closed down because one of the commenters on this site came to my site and has been unnaturally fixated on threatening me and my life.

That is stalking/harassing.

I would like to go back to my quiet existence and just be left be.

Take up your issues with commenters but please do not associate them with me as I am on my own here.

They are just expressing obvious emotion and do not agree with you or your sentiments.

Just leave me be. Please.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Kassy K, I do not actually believe these people are connected to you, I just asked if they were to make a point. I'm sorry if it seemed like I was trying to attack you again because I did not mean to start that up again. You're right, you appologized and I realized that my assumptions about you were incorrect, I just hope you understand where I was coming from and why I drew those conclusions. I did not mean to involve you personally in my arguments with the last few Anons.

I'm sorry to hear that people have been attacking your life on your blog, and I certainly hope it was not the second "Joshua" who was canabalizing my posts on this site. It's a shame I don't have a wordbook password so I could have left my own post to tell him to back off. Out of respect for you then, I will stop posting on this thread.