Monday, July 21, 2008

Looking at Socialite Olivia Palermo's "Sweet Spot"

Page Six Magazine yesterday took a close-up look at 22-year-old socialite Olivia Palermo's new one-bedroom Tribeca apartment in a piece titled "Living: Socialite Olivia Palermo's Sweet Spot."

The lead:

“I’m so excited to be living in my own home,” says socialite Olivia Palermo, surrounded by clothes racks, shoes and handbags in her colorful, 63-square-foot walk-in closet accented with a zebra-print rug. Olivia is photographing outfits she has selected for a short trip to Los Angeles so she’ll know exactly what she wants to wear while she’s there. “This is the space I love the most. You can see it the second you walk in,” she says. “It represents me.”

Inspired by pictures of Mariah Carey’s spacious NYC home . . ..

This is the point that I stopped reading the article. If you'd like to continue....

[Photo: Karin Kohlberg, Page Six Magazine New York Post]


Anonymous said...

"“I’m so excited to be living in my own home

I don't think it counts as "living in her own home, if her parents are paying for it. After all, she still does not have a job, so how can she afford it. Damn yunnies. Damn them all to the UES.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to 'represent' her.

Unknown said...

REPULSIVE. I don't care that she has money - it's that she doesn't know how to spend it. The moneyed classes used to be somewhat sophisticated. This chick's ensemble will never be complete without a chunky load of white hot semen gobbed across her face.

Mariah Carey?!! A debutante emulating MARIAH CAREY??? UES baby boomers have failed miserably with their offspring/wasted cellular material.