Monday, March 9, 2009

New Yorkers really like the new Cemusa bus shelters and newsstands, survey by Cemusa says

We get news releases!:

New Yorkers Show Overwhelming Support for City's New Bus Shelters and Newsstands

93% feel structures improve city's appearance

NEW YORK, March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Survey results released today by Cemusa, Inc. indicate that a vast majority of New Yorkers are pleased with the new bus shelters and newsstands installed throughout New York City. Ninety-three percent of respondents feel that the new design of newsstands and bus shelters improve the city's appearance and 88 percent like the new designs. Furthermore, of the respondents that indicated the new design influenced their opinion of New York City Government, 89 percent said the change was positive.

"We are very pleased by the overwhelming response to our street furniture installations in New York City, and that our work has contributed to an improved opinion of our partner, the City of New York, as well," said Susan Baron, chief executive officer, Cemusa North America. "Our new bus shelters, newsstands and automatic public toilets were designed exclusively for the city and the people of New York, which makes it all the more rewarding that they have been so well received."

Cemusa's coordinated street furniture program for the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) is part of a 20 year contract that began in 2006. The contract calls for 3,300 new bus stop shelters, 20 new automatic public toilets (APT) and the replacement of 330 newsstands. To date, 1,586 shelters, 130 newsstands and two APTs have been installed. Additionally, Cemusa has fulfilled its payments to the City through 2010.

Newsstand and Bus Shelter Results
When asked about the city's new newsstands, New Yorkers surveyed responded that the upgraded newsstands sometimes result in higher purchase levels. Twelve percent of the respondents said that they purchase more from the new newsstands than they used to, citing greater appeal and cleanliness among reasons for increased purchases.

Survey results also indicated a majority of NYC pedestrians and commuters feel the new bus shelters are cleaner (62 percent) and more pleasant (61 percent) than the old shelters. Additionally, 47 percent described the shelters as better lit and 35 percent feel they are safer.

Advertisement Results
The survey results also reinforced that advertisers who appear on Cemusa bus shelters and newsstands in NYC can expect a significant return on that investment, with 65 percent of respondents indicating that they notice the advertising on newsstands/bus shelters. More than half (52 percent) of those individuals responded that the advertisements at newsstands and bus shelters make them want to buy the products they see.

[Cemusa image via BoweryBoogie]


Ken Mac said...

thank you bloomie! I am so happy to be experiencing "higher purchase levels"!

Anonymous said...

Shut up or get off the bus!

Anonymous said...

The new shelters might be sleeker and cleaner, but I've already seen an uptick in graffiti and scratch-iti on the LES.

Somehow I get the feeling the data might be skewed, though. Especially if Cemusa is the one conducting the survey!

Barbara L. Hanson said...

I think that they are defining New Yorkers as those who have been here less than a year. I hate those damned things.

Anonymous said...

That would be pretty close for Boogie, what are you here, 2 years, since "making the move into the big city" and now you're the "neighborhood watchdog".

Anonymous said...

Te results are just as phony as is Susan Barron. I have not met one newsstand owner who would be satisfied with Cemusa.