Sunday, July 5, 2009

Joe Jr's has closed

I thought that Joe Jr's was closing today. As you likely read (via Serious Eats, Eater, Grub Street, David Kamp or the Times), the iconic diner on Sixth Avenue at 12th Street was calling it a day. So I wanted to stop by one last time for a meal. Not to write about -- Jeremiah and Brooks both have eloquent posts on the topic.

Anyway, was too late. Joe's has already closed. (And the Joe Jr's on the corner of the sign is missing...)

There's a sign on the front window for people to leave messages...thanking Joe's for the memories, etc.

Meanwhile, the interior has already been pulled apart.

And the bat!

Back out front, a man remarked to his girlfriend: "All the great old places we like have been destroyed."


elkue said...

To be honest, never liked the place that much. Not saying that the place replacing it will be any good, but I don't think this is a loss in terms of a place that actually served quality grub.

Jeremiah Moss said...

terrible news. i thought they might be able to get it together at the bottom of the 9th once again.

EV Grieve said...

Me too, Jeremiah. I was thinking it would all get sorted out over the weekend. What I didn't note in the post is how many people stopped by to sign the poster and peek inside the windows. Everyone seemed surprised... and upset.

Ken Mac said...

the city vanishes, and vanishes, and vanishes.....darkness all over town..

Anonymous said...

This is quite sad.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

EV: Sorry you didn't make it for a last meal. I was just lucky, going as I did for lunch rather than dinner. I had assumed they'd be open to 1 AM as usual. But 3 PM was a shut time. Sad pictures.