Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FiDi gets in on fried chicken craze: Bon Chon coming soon

Bon Chon Chicken — "the most beloved fried chicken in NYC" — is opening an outpost on John Street in the Financial District ... at the home of the former Zen Palate.


Anonymous said...

I find a lot of parallels between Korean fried chicken and ramen (which, I know, is like my favorite topic) in NYC.

On the one hand, both have a lot of cultural significance to immigrant/expatriate groups. Both are also really delicious.

But they also seem to be a vehicle for foreign chains to come into a city. Meanwhile, David Chang and the food hype machines have embraced both of them.

Korean fried chicken's interesting in a different way, though, since it's the boomerang of globalization. At least according to this Times article, it evolved from fast-food places that opened in Korea after the American war.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, foundconnections.... I didn't see that Times article.