Monday, October 12, 2009

A good question

As we pointed out Saturday, Third Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue was closed off while a crane brought in stuff for the Economakis family tenement-to-mansion conversion.

And a reader brought up a good question about some neighbors down the street who may not appreciate the street being blocked off for eight hours:

any word from the hells angels?


honey west said...

As one of the former tenants of this building, I know that my former neighbors will, unfortunately, have to put up with many more incidents like this from the entitled Economakis family.

Thanks , EV, for the updates though every time I read them I have to go into my workplace bathroom & cry.

EV Grieve said...

Hi Honey West,

Thanks for the comment. This is such a sad story. So many people lost their homes.

Anonymous said...

If anything, the angels will probably enjoy ticking off the Economakis' when they rev their motorcycles at every odd hour of the night. So long as the Economakis' remember who's boss of the street [not them] and don't park their cars near the bikes [for GOD'S sake, NOT near the bikes], there could be a tolerable relationship.