Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Marble baths and plank hardwood floors await you on First Street

After a seemingly long time, renovations at 47 E. First St. near First Avenue are winding down...You can actually see the sidewalk again...

According to StreetEasy, there are eight units over five floors, with a storefront on the ground floor. Average rent is in the $3,500 ballpark.

Here's one of the listings from KVNY:

This is a NEWLY renovated 2 bedroom, 2 marble baths duplex. It has a balcony as well as a granite kitchen (with dishwasher) and also it's own washer/dryer unit. It is accented by wide plank hardwood floors & exposed brick. It even has individual climate control and video intercom for extra safety. Please call for access. (PICTURES TO COME. APARTMENT IS STILL BEING RENOVATED) We have numerous apartments all being renovated in this building available March 15

And you'll be that much closer to the brunch line at Prune.


Lisa said...

What on earth did they do to the facade of that poor building? It looks like they bricked up two lines of windows, leaving the rest in that weirdly staggered pattern. Or am I reading the photo wrong?

EV Grieve said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the comment. They did, indeed, brick up two rows of windows. I don't get it!

Lisa said...

Me either - I mean, who decreases the amount of light coming into a NY apartment, a major selling point? - but thanks for the clarification!

Unknown said...

They actually blocked off four rows of windows if you count the little ones that were in the bathrooms. Having known people who lived in this dilapidated building for more than 15 years before they paid them handsomely to break their rent stabilized leases, I checked out the open house. First off, the "two bedroom" has an illegal underground basement bedroom that is entirely gross (especially considering the amount of rats we've seen go in and out of that basement to get to the shady meat market that used to be in there). The so-called one-bedrooms upstairs are super cramped and very very cheap-o feeling as well.

Avenue B said...

These are Croman-renovated buildings. Living in one myself (albeit an unrenovated apt.), I can tell you exactly how they destroy the character of any building they take over.

The buy the remaining lease-holders out (not handsomely as one commenter mentioned) and create condo- or hotel-style boxes with surface amenities: dishwasher, washer/dryer, Juliet-style balconies, marble and granite. No soul.

They jack up the prices to ridiculous levels, fail to adequately maintain the apartments and expect (and receive) rapid turnover. Croman-building targets: short-stay hotel room people, those traveling to NYC on business, kids whose parents pay for a pad near NYU.