Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fire scare on St. Mark's Place at iconic Physical Graffiti building

A reader notes a fire scare this evening on St. Mark's Place at 96-98 St. Mark's Place — (the Physical Graffiti buildings) ... Per the reader on the extent of the damage: "Not sure — [firefighters] ran two hoses up, had two truck ladders up to the roof and a few guys climbed up the fire escape to break windows and climb in. We smelled smoke but didn't see any flames. The building was totally soaked — water running down the staircase/hallway."

And a few photos (a few more are here):


Anonymous said...

It really is remarkable how these guys (the FDNY) manage to do such intense work in tight quarters (narrow streets, high buildings all around, thousands of people to be careful around, etc.).

VH McKenzie said...

Pretty cool photos -- was the photographer inside the afflicted building?!!!