Thursday, November 4, 2010

More on the new First Avenue Papa John's, sort of

[Top photo by First Avenue correspondent Blue Glass]

As I exclusively reported last night.... Papa John's is now open on First Avenue...

I went looking for more info on the opening... like something official from the Papa Johnsters... I did come across this article from last month on

Papa John's to open in crowded East Village space

Popular New York blog EV Grieve [Editor's note: Woo!] has reported that a Papa John's storefront has appeared on First Avenue in an area of New York City's East Village that's especially pizza-dense. Back in March, the blog reported several pizza restaurants — such asLuzzo's, Motorino, Piola, Tonda, and more — having recently opened.

With all the local pizza concentration, Papa John’s may be looking to appeal to tourists looking for something recognizable in the famous New York enclave. Papa John’s spokesperson Tish Muldoon said the company sees the location as "a great growth opportunity for the brand in Manhattan." However, anecdotal commentary on the new storefront did not appear favorable toward the No. 3 pizza chain.

Meanwhile, no word if this is how pizzas will be delivered hereabouts:

Previous coverage here.


Anonymous said...

"Anecdotal commentary"? Hey, that's us! Woo!

Also: Papa John's, quit littering my building's door and intercom with your menus por favor! You've been here ten minutes and you're already a litterbug!

Dan LD said...

Could be they're hoping to tap into the market of people in the neighborhood who don't want to pay $4 a slice for "artisinal" pizza. 2 Bros 4 Life.

Anonymous said...

Love the editors note. You crack me up, Grieve.