Sunday, May 8, 2011


Bustin' stereotypes outside Whole Foods Bowery....


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

OK, let's see.

Sunchoke soup with Virginia ham croquettes, done.

Breast of Four Corners Farm’s turkey “cuit sous vide” and roasted leg “en ballotine” with giblet gravy, resting.

Green-bean casserole—oven-baked haricots verts with cream of California cèpe mushrooms and crispy shallots, in the oven.

Garnet sweet-potato mille-feuille with white-truffle royale and shaved truffles from Alba, in the oven.

Pecan pie with whipped cream, OMG I forgot to make the pecan pie with whipped cream!!!!

Lisa said...

Uhh, hey Ken, can I come over for dinner?!?

If you open your own joint I'll be a regular! Promise!

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

You wanna come over for my Mother's Day dinner!?

Lisa said...

Hell yes I would have!!! (Or any dinner!) But I only got this at 9:20 PM so am assuming it's all over, hope it was as spectacular as it sounded.

You should start one of those underground cooking ventures, you'd make a fortune. I mean, sous vide? Classic!

Roger_Paw said...

Count me in on this underground cooking venture. Ken, give us the day and time to come over to your offering and I'll try to be there. Donations at the door? I'm vegetarian btw. ;)