Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A sign switcheroo yesterday at the Amato opera

Yesterday, we reported that the Amato Opera building on the Bowery is now for sale for $6.95 million. The space was previously available as a rental for $22,500 a month.

And workers quickly changed over the sign yesterday to reflect the sale.

Curbed reminded us yesterday that the building was sold back in December 2008 for $3.7 million. Will be a tidy little profit for the owner once the building sells. Per Curbed, "319 Bowery NY, LLC" closed on the property in 2008, and that LLC shares an address with Croman Real Estate, also known as 9300 Realty. Steve Croman has been named to the Voice’s 10 Worst Landlords List.


Lisa said...

That is one precious "For Sale" sign. Even got l'il curlicues. Sweet. (Cough.)

bowery boy said...

So, Mr. Amato sold it for $3.7 when the market was high, and now that the market is low it's going for $6.95. How is that not Amato's bad real estate deal?

Please let us know when you see the asbestos removal letter.