Monday, May 16, 2011

Your chance to buy a boutique hotel on Great Jones

A rather fascinating new listing has appeared at the the Massey Knakal site involving the seemingly dormant hotel project at 25 Great Jones at Lafayette:

A 13-story boutique hotel development slated for 48 guestrooms. The project awaits a flag or boutique operator to customize. The ground floor could be occupied by a hotel lobby and a lounge. The cellar could include a boardroom, spa rooms and offices. The demolition, excavation, concrete super structure, and construction lift are fully complete; whereas the interior partition framing and electrical are partially complete. A liquor license has been submitted and conditionally approved. The hotel is located in one of the most desirable downtown locations. Nearby hotel suites can go for as high as $650/night, as seen at the Bowery and Cooper Square Hotels. The adjacent luxury Great Jones Spa has expressed strong interest in a joint venture to provide services and direct access for the hotel. 22 Bond Street, a 25’ wide contiguous one story building, is available separately by Massey Knakal; it could be combined to enlarge the food and beverage space of 25 Great Jones if needed. Hotel opportunities are exceedingly rare in this historic district enduring little or no future competition in this trendy downtown location.

Submit your proposals now!

Check out Curbed for more of the hotel history here.


Lisa said...

So this concrete dildo doesn't have walls, windows, interiors, plumbing, or any of those other useless amenities, but it already has a conditionally-approved liquor license? What the fuck?!?

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I'd heard a rumor that there was some misunderstanding with the commercial/residential permit. If this was truly being held up by it's facade being approved by the LPC, I shouldn't think it would have halted construction for so long. I think there's more to this...

blue glass said...

had the same thought lisa.

how the hell could they get a liquor license for a not-completed building with unknown owners and operators.
i believe this is community board #2 - it's west of the bowery.

not that board #3 is any more thoughtful.

i guess out of town nyu parents need a fancy place to sleep that fits their life style.

brenone said...

^ Yeah the developer ran out of money. As did the lender (Broadway Bank).

Anonymous said...

the wall needs an advertising sign