Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jakobson Properties — 'we want people to know that we are listening'

Early yesterday evening, a representative named Holly from Jakobson Properties left a comment on our @Jakobson_fix_it post:

Commenting on behalf of Jakobson Properties, we want people to know that we are listening. The most expedient and effective way for us to address your problems is for you to notify us directly using any of the following methods:
Phone: (212) 533-1300 x 253
To access web form, go here
Twitter: @nofeerentalsnyc or post on our FB wall

This brought about an instantaneous response in the comments... which you can read here.

These flyers also went up in Jakobson buildings yesterday, according to the Jakobson, Fix It!! tumblr ...

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rob said...

Can you believe it? They charge us $100 if we complain!?! And why would we need to complain after hours? Because we don't have superintendents -- which is illegal, btw. And they don't even allow you to speak to the guys who come by to bundle the garbage. All complaints have to go through their central office.

And the reason for this insane run-around MO? It's cheaper for them to have a roaming maintenance crew than pay a super -- who might keep the heat on in winter because he has to live in the place with the rest of us.

They overwork and underpay their janitorial crew. They complain bitterly about Jakobson. One was injured on the job and Jakobson fired him immediately. Fortunately, he sued.

As an old tenant here used to say, they are aggressively cheap.