Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our new favorite curb your dog sign

13th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B...

Also noteworthy on 10th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A... Not very creative, but ruthlessly blunt...


Anonymous said...

How long before these people lobby for a ban on dogs in the East Village?

blue glass said...

there is nothing wrong with the dogs.
it's their owners!

lots of people use tree pits as garbage cans.
then folks steal the plants.
next the dog owners use them as dog bathrooms and what plants are left die.
what is wrong with trying to make something pretty by
planting flowers in tree pits?
nobody gets hurt. it can require a little work. it makes no political statement,.
anonymous 8:03, i'd like to lobby for a ban on folks like you in the east village.

nygrump said...

Quite frankly there are getting to be too many dogs here. The streets are covered with a layer of urine and smeared fecal matter. There seems to be one owner on every block who is special and doesn't feel obligated to follow the rules, especially if it is raining or drizzling or a little cold or somewhat windy or they are just visiting. And whats with the dog run people who get offended that I like to watch the dogs. They aren't children. Fuck them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, You would think the city could just about close it entire budget deficit if it would just enforce it's own dog clean-up law. And it would be such a nicer place to live as well.