Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zip Code 10003 has 169 chain stores

Yesterday, we reported on The Center for an Urban Future's fourth annual study ranking the national retailers with the most store locations in New York City.

It's a huge survey and, to be honest, we didn't dig into as much as we usually do. But! Our friend Jen Doll at Runnin' Scared did... and here's a stat that jumps out: The East Village came in third for most chains overall in New York City with 169. (This is just for the 10003 Zip Code that includes Union Square and parts of Fifth Avenue.)

We went back and looked at the 2009 report (PDF), which noted that the 10003 Zip Code had 151 chain stores.

There's no mention of the 10009 Zip.

And No. 1 overall? Zip 10314 in Staten Island with 186 chain stores.

Overall, the report found that the explosion of national chains has slowed somewhat over the past year in New York.


Anonymous said...

we got a subway now, that's 1. is the ihop 10009?

blue glass said...

10009 starts on the east side of first avenue.

Leesy said...

Wait, where is that new Dunkin Donuts? That looks like the liquor store on 10th and 2nd but not sure...

bettyx1138 said...

people should get on the cb3 (community board 3) emailing of upcoming hearings and meeting agendas. if people show up at the meetings when heinous chain stores moving in are covered and vocally protest maybe we can stop these douche marts from coming here.