Friday, December 9, 2011

Mystery buyer (Ben Shaoul?) picks up 315 E. 10th St. from the Educational Alliance; gut renovation and extra floor on way

The Educational Alliance had been running Counseling Services ("For children, teens, adults & families") at 315 E. 10th St. across from Tompkins Square Park. However, after seeing movers and garbage haulers work in the space last month, a tipster did a little digging.

It turns out that the Educational Alliance sold the building to "315 East 10th Street Owner LLC" for $3.7 million. It is a Delaware LLC and, according to documents, represented by the law firm of Goldberg Weprin Finkel Goldstein. (The sale was finalized on Sept. 15.)

Two observations from our tipster:

• The law firm that represented the people who recently closed on the Cabrini Nursing Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation for $25.5 million are the same that represented the buyer of 315 E 10th.

Both properties were formerly used for nonprofit-type activities.

Per the tipster: "I assume [315] will be gutted shortly."

Indeed. There is a permit on file with the DOB for interior demolition. There's also a "pending permit" to convert this building into residential and add an extra floor.

Brent M. Porter and Associates is listed as the architect; Keith Holden is listed as the owner. The address given on the DOB application is the same as Magnum Real Estate Group. Ben Shaoul is the president of Magnum Real Estate Group.

So, perhaps, as we reported, it's safe to assume that Ben Shaoul now owns Cabrini Nursing Center too.

Meanwhile, the Educational Alliance recently held a groundbreaking event at its flagship building at 197 East Broadway, which is undergoing a $45 million renovation. (And not everyone is happy with the upcoming changes.)

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