Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oliva is for sale on Houston and Allen

A reader who has been searching for a bar/restaurant to buy in the area sent us the following listing from NYCRS: Oliva, the Spanish tapas bar with a prime corner at Houston and Allen, is on the market.

The asking rent: $13,500 with $150,000 key money.

Also, take a look at the marketing materials. Look at what's next to JoeDoe on East First Street...

So maybe an American Eagle will be taking over the BMW/Guggenheim lot then....?


Lux Living said...

Fisheye lens = way cool! Just like the LES maaaan!

BabyDave said...

Who prepared this ad? Not to get too picky, but isn't the establishment's name misspelled, and isn't it on the Southwest corner, not Southeast?

glamma said...

i literally gasped and went "Oh no!!!" when I read this. So extremely sad to lose this place.
I know the guys in here well and have been thoroughly enjoying this incredible establishment for a long, long time. Will try to get more info... They will be sorely missed!!

glamma said...

AND - I would fully protest the ungodliness of a chain the size of American Eagle moving into the east village proper! it's like the soho virus is spreading!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES
ps - they use genetically modified cotton which destroys the planet (and, your DNA).