Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reader reports: Shots fired at Campos Plaza II early this morning

[VH McKenzie]

The EV Grieve inbox is full of reader reports of a shooting last night at Campos Plaza II on 13th Street between Avenue B and Avenue C. V.H. McKenzie said that the police helicopter started circling the area around 12:30 "Just timed it — making a full revolution over the neighboring bldgs every 39 SECONDS, with search lights." Readers described hearing a series of explosions — or shots in a few cases — before the helicopters arrived. EV Grieve reader AC said that police at the scene wouldn't say what was happening.

Another reader claimed "that this kind of shit happens there all the time."

On Wednesday, The Lo-Down reported that security cameras would be installed at this public housing complex.


Fake Ben Shaoul said...

The gunshots weren't from Campos Plaza. It was a tenant from one of my buildings.

Apparently they ordered Eggs Benedict around midnight and when it arrived, there wasn't any hollandaise sauce. As you can imagine, the tenant went crazy.

The NYPD took action. Such an offense is appalling... I mean, no hollandaise sauce!

Anonymous said...

Listening in a scanner last night, they indicated that shots fired was confirmed, and that the address at which the police were to gather was 641 E.13th St.

Later they said that the suspects fled in a black SUV.

Anonymous said...

Was this related to the two gentlemen I saw being handcuffed on 6th St. between A and B at 3am? There were a lot of cops doing the cuffing, plenty of patrol cars, and guns were drawn.

Also, what was the deal with those two shiny 18 wheeler tank trucks parked in front of the ConEd building on Ave. A?

Anonymous said...

What's with all the secrecy lately regarding this and also the jet engine sound heard all over the east village the other night?

Anonymous said...

Why won't the police say what happened? What's with all the secrecy and whatever happened the other night as well that was heard all over the east village?