Friday, December 2, 2011

Timi's Gelateria Classica™ facing eviction on St. Mark's Place

We can't recall seeing Timi's Gelateria Classica™ — "a gelato franchise for the 21st century, with true Italian artisanal gelato made fresh daily" — open of late on St. Mark's Place near Second Avenue.

The place took over the Andy's Chee-Pee's space about this time last year.

Now, there are some legal-ly, eviction-y looking papers on the front door...

Per the website, "Timi's Gelateria Classica™ Italiana NYC is the flagship location for the Italian mini- chain, which has successfully launched stores around the world." Unfortunately, the website is on the fritz.

Try some pudding then instead?


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glamma said...

miss u andies cheapies!!!