Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Cake Shop is open for now...

Grub Street has an update this morning on Cake Shop, the Ludlow Street cafe-bakery-bar-music-venue that was in danger of shutting down this week. (First reported by Brooklyn Vegan last Friday.)

Co-owner Nick Bodor told Grub Street's Jenny Miller that "several generous individuals" had chipped in with the $10,000 that the space needed to stay open.

However, as Grub Street points out:

Because of some real-estate taxes the landlord is passing on, plus fines and legal fees, Cake Shop needs to come up with almost $50K by June 20, or it could be curtains. "We're looking for an equity partner," Bodor said. "We want to sell a part of the company off to the right partner."


glamma said...

Oh man. It would be absolutely awful to lose this place. COME ON Cakeshop, you can do it!!
By the way, who is the landlord??

Marty Wombacher said...

Glad to hear they got a reprieve and hope they can find an investor.