Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hotel construction on 13th Street and Fourth Avenue — now in fifth year! — continues

Yesterday morning, EV Grieve reader John noted some progress at the incoming Hyatt Union Square on Fourth Avenue at East 13th Street... Indeed, workers were erecting scaffolding on the lower levels...

...and later... more scaffolding!

In any event, it seems as if the stalled/unstalled/too tall/view-blocking hotel project is dawdling along ... by our count, construction has entered its fifth year. Curbed's first post on it went up on July 18 2007.

It wasn't always a Hyatt property, of course... early on hotel developer Sam "McSam" Chang's group was behind the construction ... It became Hyatt's problem property in November 2010...

Early rendering!

Newer rendering with the hydroponic bamboo garden and halo!

[Image from Archpaper via Curbed]

Last official word on this via Hyatt was a fall 2011 opening.



glamma said...

oooof. boy that looks bad.
it does not even really look like the rendering.
kind of like putting a crayola marker top on top of a montclair pen.

McSam said...

The only "good" thing about this wreck is that it's set back from the facade of the poor old building it's sitting on, so from certain angles you can't see the upper portion at all. So if you try, you can look down the street and still see just the old building.

Anonymous said...

omg , this is awful

Anonymous said...

Wow- that is awful. I always loved the antique shell of the place but they just totally messed it up- And I'm getting tired of all these hotels everywhere. It's like all they care about is more tourists. Screw the locals, right?

Rose Smith said...

it could have been better