Friday, November 2, 2012

Landlord serves eviction notice during Hurricane Sandy blackout

An EVG reader on Essex Street shares this stunning story. The 5-story tenement the longtime East Village-LES resident has lived in was recently sold. And the new landlord, named as Essex Funding LLC, is not offering new leases to any current tenants. Workers are planning a gut renovation.

OK. But then.

Per the reader:

I was in our apartment Wednesday afternoon when someone knocked. Our hallway is pitch black, so I wouldn't open the door. A guy on the other side had "paperwork" for me to "sign." It was a 30-day notice of termination of tenancy!

They also had a bunch of guys collected outside the previous morning with a dumpster to demolish and gut another apartment in the buiding. There is no light in the halls. It was impossible and completely unsafe ... and they didn't work, thankfully for them.


Anonymous said...

By the way, the reason they are gutting the other apartments and trying to get us out is that they can convert my 350 SQUARE FOOT studio into a TWO BEDROOM and double the rent! It's a no-brainer right? 350 square feet just screams "You know? This would make a sweet 2 bedroom".

Anonymous said...

Westbrook/PVE left notices in residents' doors that said that they hired private security during the blackout.
This is a lie. We had absolutely no security and vagrants did indeed enter our building. In my building the person was harmless, but do not believe for a second that PVE was looking out for you, if you are coming home to such a notice.

Anonymous said...

Is this an eviction or a notice to quit (a standard form used to notify tenants of non renewal of lease)?

I assume marshalls were not doing evictions during the storm or they should be sued!

Anonymous said...

It's a "Notice Of Termination Of Tenancy". The new owners have "elected to terminate" our tenancy "effective November 30th 2012".

david williams said...

I'm confused with the topic, first is it an eviction notice or a notice to quit.

30 day notice