Tuesday, November 27, 2012

That laser in the Jersey sky

EVG reader Brian Teasley sends this photo along... taken tonight around 9:15 on Broadway and Eighth Street looking west... is that a laser?

"It originates from the top of a building across from (approximately) the Chelsea Piers and the light is static in the sky. The beam is pointed south and diminishes in that direction. In the photo is appears blue-ish, but it looks like it is a very high-powered green laser. It has been on for at least 30 minutes or so ... and has not been observed on any other night."

Anyone have an idea what this is...?


Oh, a reader just said that it's a tribute to victims of Hurricane Sandy... read more here.


nygrump said...

"tribute to victims of Hurricane Sandy"? Now that is fucking retarded. They want their fucking houses back, not a lazer light show. if you listen closely are they playing Rush and Zep?

BT said...

Sorry, Grump. It's the top of the Standard so I think I hear Cee-lo or whatever-the-hell he's called.

Thanks for your comment. I didn't want to be the first to make such a comment.

The woman who "installed" the "art" (if you call setting up a laser on a tripod and plugging it in "installing art") says she, "hopes it will provide people with a sense of peace and security". And to think some of the affected folks chose to go for Smith & Wesson instead of laser art for security.

Jill said...

This is the light from the future, which I learned about from the movie Looper.

Anonymous said...

Agree. This would have been appropriate 1yr, 5 yrs. or 10 yrs from now. The manpower and finance that went into this could've have been used to help the Sandy survivors who are still struggling without shelter, food, heat, or power. Another narcissistic 'artist' using a tragedy like Sandy to promote herself.

glamma said...

are you sh*tting me?
what an outrage.
WTF is wrong with people???