Sunday, March 8, 2020

Week in Grieview

[Entrance to the 14th Street flea market via Bruce Beschner‎]

• Carlina Rivera states her opposition over plan to transfer air rights for new St. Mark's Place office building (Thursday)

• Officially on egg watch now in Tompkins Square Park (Saturday)

• Coffee time: New counter space coming to Gem Spa (Friday)

• A moment with Wayne Diamond as he checks out "The Wayne Diamond" at Russo's (Wednesday)

• Ralph's Famous Italian Ices & Ice Cream coming to Avenue A (Tuesday)

[Photo on 2nd Avenue by Derek Berg]

• SMØR now open for dinner on 12th Street (Wednesday)

• Why the playground at P.S. 19 has been closed for community use (Friday)

• Another fire at 204 E. 13th St. (Monday)

• The state's plastic bag ban is NOW in effect (Sunday)

• Suki is moving to a larger space around the corner (Monday)

• Half Gallery debuts on 4th and B (Saturday)

• More of the explosion site condoplex comes into view at 45 E. 7th St. (Monday)

• Former PS 64 not subject to the city’s new crackdown on deteriorating buildings (Tuesday)

• Heavy lifting at the future tech hub (Monday)

• Breaking the internet 1995 style at the Anthology Film Archives (Thursday)

• "The Icon variable" (Friday)

• Queens of the Street group art show opens on 11th Street (Friday)

• Prince Tea House announces its arrival on 10th Street (Tuesday)

• Time for the Life Time signage on Cooper Square (Thursday)

• The Marshal seizes the former Hot Kitchen space (Monday)

• That Duane Reade by Walgreens closed on 10th and 3rd (Monday)

[Everyone's favorite Almodovar film]


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Finally, a flea market that caters to the zombie community.

Gojira said...

Who's a good helpful boy?!? Or girl?!?