Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Cafe Mogador is open now in the evenings for takeout and delivery

Cafe Mogador, a mainstay of St. Mark's Place these past 37 years, reopened last evening here between Avenue A and First Avenue.

Moving forward, they'll be open nightly from 5-10 for takeout and delivery.

Meanwhile, more and more East Village restaurants-bars-cafes are back in action of late, a fairly lengthy list that includes Kanoyama, Davey's Ice Cream (now with sandwiches for lunch!), El Camion, Takahachi, China Town Chinese Restaurant, East Village Social and Mighty Quinn's Barbecue, among others.

To help you sort out all these reopenings, the volunteers are continuing to update the map created in collaboration with the East Village Community Coalition. You can access the map at this link.

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Updating: Here's a map of what's open in the East Village


Anonymous said...

I'm happy places are reopening and would never begrudge someone of making a buck, but if this past Sunday was any kind of an indicator, already the drinking in front of El Camion will become a problem.

Anonymous said...

Great news about Mogador!

Takoulo said...


Anonymous said...

Everywhere, especially in front of bars around the park. Just wait for this upcoming 80 degrees weekend.

Lola Sáenz said...

Love Cafe Mogador Yay! !