Saturday, May 9, 2020

East Village crowdfunding update

We've added about 15-plus East Village businesses to our list of crowdfunding campaigns. (First posted on April 13: Find the link here.)

One addition arrived this week for Mary O's, the Irish pub on Avenue A between Second Street and Third Street.

Here's part of the campaign, via the Friends of Mary O's Committee to Keep Local Hospitality Alive:

Along with every other bar and restaurant in NYC, Mary O's has been economically devastated by COVID-19. While owner Mary O'Halloran's customers are missing her authentic, heartfelt "local hospitality" and she cannot for the time being host the birthday and anniversary parties and myriad school functions for which she's famous, Mary continues to do so much for the community — sewing masks, making meals for first responders, the list goes on.

It goes without saying that the financial hit has been brutal, and (astronomical) rent still needs to be paid. Mary would never serve us again if she knew we were doing this, but we'd like to ask you to consider contributing to the Mary O's fund, so that when this is all over — who knows when? — there will be a Mary O's to return to. To have Mary build us a Guinness, celebrate our kid's graduation, gratefully tuck into a shepherd's pie or make a milestone birthday a night of festive fun. And maybe — finally! — win a round of Drag Queen Bingo.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Cuomo just place a moratorium rent freeze on commercial rent until August 20th?

Jon said...

Eviction freeze for everyone but rent is still due.

Anonymous said...

Only like 10% of small businesses are paying full rent. Doesn’t make any sense to. Come August that will have to be extended or rent forgiven or both, otherwise the city will dramatically change and most businesses will fail and people will blame pols, which is why they won’t let it happen

Anonymous said...

I’m glad to see the support for Mary O. She is a great neighbor and community member, always generous and willing to help anyone in need. The service she provides goes well above the delicious food and drinks she serves.