Thursday, November 26, 2020

ABC Special: Pinc Louds edition

ABC News has a feature today on local busking sensations Pinc Louds, which you can read (and listen to!) right here

The piece is titled "New York City buskers look back on a pandemic summer." 

Music blogger Charley Crespo shared this familiar sentiment about the band:
"[Pinc Louds] pretty much saved the summer in downtown Manhattan by playing in Tompkins Square Park two or three times a week. They were probably the first. Their music is energizing. It was exciting and for anybody who passed through the park, it was just the most wonderful experience to hear live music again."
And here's a quote from lead singer Claudi about playing in Tompkins Square Park:
"You got all the weird, crazy people, and you got familie. It's just like a wonderful mix of people, all kinda getting by, you know? Sometimes with a little bit of friction — but it's that friction that makes life more special right? And it makes it more New York."
Meanwhile, you can catch Claudi playing tomorrow (Friday!) evening from 6-8 outside B-side on Avenue B... and the full band Saturday in Tompkins Square Park from noon to 3 p.m.

Photo of Claudi from August by Stacie Joy

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Eden Bee said...

Yes! Pinc Louds really did save the summer for everyone in the park.

Ronnie said...

I’ve loved Claudi and Pinc Louds since first seeing Claudi play in the West 4th station solo and was always disappointed when I didn’t see them there, wishing them all the success they desire

Anonymous said...

Really great singer and very entertaining. Saved the summer? Sure, if that works for you. Pinc Louds are a viral Tiktok or two away from serious touring. Sadly those tours are not for another year minimum. So everyone who agrees that Pinc Louds "saved the summer" is going to pay the legit cover charge when Bowery Ballroom reopens at least once, right? Bring some friends and sell those shows out.

Me? I still like the jazz regulars more but there should be room for all good live music. Just not the dueling thumpthumpthump sound systems that take over Washington Square many evenings. And the restaurants that have colonized so much sidewalk space with fully enclosed outdoor? seating (thanks DeBlasio) should stop blasting generic playlists at empty tables. That doesn't help sell food you idiots.

Anonymous said...

Odd that someone would think people won't pay a cover to see Claudi in a real venue? Of course they will. She had a following before she began to play at Tompkins and her tip bucket is aways full of 10s and 20s. I have paid her more in tips seeing her in the park for "free" then I have at a venue where she plays shorter sets that are not five hours long. She never had an issue selling out shows before why would she have one now if venues open? Which they are not in 2021 so hopefully she will be back in March playing Tompkins and yes, "saving the summer" as many have said to her in person. She also makes a lot of bored little kids happy.
Tompkins is the only park that has had one band busking for years now and thank GOD there is more than that now thanks to Pinc Louds. Agreed the music blasting from some eateries is very loud esp on the corner of 7th and A. It is even blasting tonight at 9pm I just walked by there.I expect not much will change by the spring and hopefully Claudi Love can save the day again. She was about to tour before Covid hit. Catch her at B-side tomorrow night and back in the park Saturday. Tip well! She deserves it! Also check out her wondrously surreal video on youtube!

Anonymous said...

Love Claudi 💕

Anonymous said...

Love Claudi, that dress, and that million-watt smile!