Thursday, November 12, 2020

Reader report: The NYSC outpost reopens on Avenue A

Updated 11/14: This is now a TMPL outpost.


From the EVG tipline: The New York Sports Clubs outpost reopened this week on Avenue A between Second Street and Third Street.

Several balloons now beckon gym goers through the front door here...
This development comes after Town Sports, the operator of New York Sports Clubs and Lucille Roberts gyms, won bankruptcy court approval last week to sell itself to a group of lenders and private-equity firm Tacit Capital LLC in a deal valued at about $85 million, as I cut-n-paste from a Wall Street Journal article behind the paywall. 

New ownership said they'd reopen 80-plus of the locations.

Town Sports filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Sept. 14 ... and this branch opened for a day or two in late September before quickly shutting down again, once again confusing and angering patrons. 

The NYSC website still lists this location as closed. However, people could be seen working out through the windows on the upper floors. Our tipster, a former member, said that he did not receive any notice about a reopening.

This past spring, NYSC members were angry that the club was still charging them membership fees despite the COVID-19 closure. Town Sports did eventually offer refunds.


noble neolani said...

Let's get healthy, first stop avoid health clubs.

Anonymous said...

They were passing out fliers on the sidewalk the other day - this is now a location of TMPL gym and so is the former NYSC on Astor Place.

LPIFLY said...

Unless they managed to redo the entire hvac system... that place is ripe for infection. Got more versions of the flu there in my 1 year then I've ever had on my entire life. If you've worked out there... you know how bad it gets in the summer Bring back Gracefully!!!

Anonymous said...

Lets get healthy by avoiding doing exercise? That makes no sense. Im healthy and workout at gyms every day, and have traveled via airplane 2x so far since the pandemic. If you're so scared and vulnerable, there's always delivery.

Anonymous said...

Is this for NYSC members? I see talks of it being labeled as a TMPL gym now? Can you get in with your NYSC membership or not?