Friday, November 20, 2020

The East Village Holiday Crawl is underway

The East Village Independent Merchant Association (EVIMA) and Cooper Square Committee have teamed up for an East Village Holiday Crawl for five weeks this November and December. 

There's a theme to each week highlighting different types of specialty businesses — now currently in the "books + music" week.

The organizations are encouraging residents to shop locally to support independent businesses that have had a very challenging year during the pandemic.

You can check out this link to see participating merchants and the deals they're offering through Dec. 13.

And the EVIMA Intagram account will provide daily updates. 

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Beacon, NY said...

This is indeed a good thing. In certain hip and cool "towns" North of New York City, in reality these small cities by the countryside, big box stores aren't allowed on the Main Streets where the center of human activity takes place. There might be a retail pharmacy chain as a truly required essential or maybe a supermarket chain, but only if its food being sold reflect the demographics being served. Local buyers who are of the Whole Foods or Trader Joe's demographic do not want to shop at a supermarket chain that caters to the general populace with mass produced corporate food.