Friday, November 13, 2020

It's a heartache

Something a little different ... this is "Something on Your Mind," a song from 1971 by Karen Dalton from the folk blues singer's second and final studio album. 

Although Bob Dylan once called her his favorite singer from the Greenwich Village folk scene of the 1960s, she was mostly forgotten until some years after her death in 1993 at 55. 

She is the subject of a new documentary (produced by Wim Wenders) titled "In My Own Time: A Portrait of Karen Dalton" that's featured at DOC NYC this month.


Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

thanks, great tune

Anonymous said...

Re: the tag THIS REALLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HE [sic] EAST VILLAGE. East Village resident Lisa Emery & her son Zach Pais were both in the 2007 Noah Baumbach film Margot at the Wedding, starring Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh, which included this song on the soundtrack as the closing credits ran. Almost everything has something to do with the East Village.

VH McKenzie said...

Thanks for this, grieve - I'd never heard of Karen Dalton and now I want to hear more. The wiki entry on her is... interesting:

"With two divorces behind her at the age of 21, Dalton left Oklahoma and arrived in Greenwich Village, New York City in the early 1960s. She brought her twelve string guitar, long-neck banjo, and at least one of her two children with her. And according to her daughter Abralyn Baird, at that point Dalton had lost two of her bottom teeth breaking up a fight between two of her boyfriends."