Monday, January 25, 2021

Tamam is now open on 14th Street

The plant-based Tamam Falafel (first reported here) is now open on 14th Street at Third Avenue right next to Joe's Pizza. (Thanks to Pinch and Nick Solares for the tip!)

Tamam is operated by Simon Oren, whose credits include 5 Napkin Burger. 

Here's part of a review of the UES location when it opened last summer via The Beet:
The name, Tamam, which is Arabic and Hebrew slang for "thumbs up," definitely elicits that kind of response for all sampling its tasty — and affordable — fare and Oren clearly hasn't lost his edge in the falafel-verse. The short menu has several standouts. 

First, the Eggplant Sabich Plate ($11.50) is a must, with the crispy eggplant savory and crunchy, and the perfect complement to a drizzle of amba sauce, a piquant condiment made of pickled mangoes and spices. Served on a bed of quinoa with a side of Israeli salad or cabbage salad with delectable hummus—extra creamy and mild — and warm chickpeas, along with freshly baked fluffy pita, the generous portions mean you may just have late-night leftovers to anticipate.
Tamam replaced the 5 Napkin Burger Express outpost. Find their menu here.


DrGecko said...

Glad to have plant-based falafel with plant-based chickpeas and plant-based tahini. I'm getting tired of meat-based falafel made from meatballs and blood.

Beacon, NY said...

Falafel isn't made of meat though. It's from chickpeas. Let's called them "plant" peas something like that.

I believe this place is Israeli. Never tried an Israeli owned falafel place except the now defunct Kosher Murray's Falafel just across from Stuytown bordering EV when it was in business.

La vie est belle said...

I took DrGecko's post to be sarcasm. I also think it's a bit redundant to say plant based falafel! Either way, I'm excited to check out this place. I hope eventually they expand their hours as this would be a great late night pick up spot.

Gojira said...

@Dr. Gecko - Priceless. Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

As of tonight, this location has no phone and also no way to order online. They may need to step it up a bit, b/c it would be much safer to order online & pick it up, than to stand there while they prepare your order.

Giovanni said...

What will they think of next, plant-based pasta? Vegetarian marinara sauce? Meat-free donuts? The vegetarian possibilities are endless.