Wednesday, January 20, 2021

2021 development watch: 38-46 2nd Ave.

In the weeks-months ahead, workers will demolish three buildings (No. 38, No. 42-44 and No. 46-48) on the east side of Second Avenue between Second Street and Third Street...
And soon enough we'll likely have the first look at the 11-story mixed-use building that Gemini Rosemont Development has planned for this space... another development to watch in 2021.

As reported back in August,  there are work permits awaiting approval by the city... plans call for an 11-story building (120-feet tall) filled with 87 residences (condos?) and 10,014 square feet of retail. In addition, there will be a 1,884-square-foot office (likely medical) on the first and second floors. 

Last year, Gemini Rosemont bought the former La Salle annex at 38 Second Ave. and Second Street. The $14.5 million purchase of the four-story building was the third of three contiguous parcels acquired by the firm this year for development. Gemini Rosemont closed on 42-44 Second Ave. and 46-48 Second Ave. (the former Church of the Nativity) in March 2020 for $40 million.

Demolition permits have already been filed for three buildings.

The Church of the Nativity closed after a service on July 31, 2015, merging with Most Holy Redeemer on Third Street.

As previously reported, the Cooper Square Community Land Trust had explored buying the former Church of the Nativity to use as low-income housing.

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Anonymous said...

They're doing to 2nd Ave what they did to 3rd, and they are coming for 1st Ave and the Housing Projects by the river.

Gojira said...

And no mention in the plans of DeBlahblahblah's much vaunted "My administration will make sure there are X number of affordable units in EVERY upscale development" vow he was pushing a few years back? Whoa, can this be yet another dereliction of his duty to the non-developer class?

Anonymous said...

50 2nd ave just underwent a renovation and looks spectacular. I hope the new development doesn’t cause any damage to that beautiful landmarked building.

Anonymous said...

Do they get property tax exemptions?

Anonymous said...

These buildings were vacant and somewhat dilapidated (except for the church). I hope the new development is visually pleasing; the more housing that will be provided will be good for the city. The current properties provide no housing at all, so any additional housing is a bonus. If the housing is luxury housing then that is not so bad as those people will contribute to the tax base at a time when the city needs as much revenue as possible. In addition the more housing that is available the lower the prices get.

Anonymous said...

That would be nice. housing by river is a pipe dream