Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Report: Relief supplies for Ukraine stolen from 2nd Avenue nonprofit

Updated 3/19: The Post published a surveillance video showing two vans and masked thieves taking boxes from the building.

Donations destined for Ukraine have been stolen from an East Village building, according to police and media sources.

The supplies, including 400 bulletproof vests, were taken from the offices of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America and the Ukrainian National Women's League of America on Second Avenue between 12th Street and 13th Street. 

Police responded around 9:15 a.m. to a call of a burglary, the Associated Press reported. 

Per the AP via ABC 7
Andrij Dobriansky, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, said last week that the plan was for donated gear to be shipped by air to Poland and then transported into Ukraine. 

The items were most likely to be used by civilian security and medical teams, including citizens who have joined the fight against the Russian military, not Ukrainian soldiers themselves, officials said. 
The Post noted that the used vests were donated by the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office. Officials there were working to confirm the report.


Anonymous said...

How low can you get.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely despicable.

Anonymous said...

This greed makes me sick. There are literally ballet dancers who have taken up arms in Ukraine, not to mention all the women. They need these items!

Anonymous said...

Somebody knew something. Too random.

Anonymous said...

Despicable...Sounds like someone knew that stuff was there.

Anonymous said...

Very suspicious. Obviously someone knew. 400 units would take more than one person too and a car.