Thursday, March 31, 2022

Thursday's parting shot

So long to some open-air pay phones along Avenue C... workers were seen uprooting them earlier today.

Last year, workers removed pay phones on Avenue A. (No sign of LinkNYCs in their place!) 

Thanks to Heather Dubin for the photo!


Anonymous said...

"The Return of the Pay Phone Post-Hurricane Sandy — An Appreciation"
November 1, 2012

DrBOP said...

Well, now where am I supposed to......
....get out of the rain ?
....get out of the wind ?
....get the wind out of me ?
....set up my 3-card Monte ?
....hide from the ex- as they unexpectantly pass by ?
....stash the 2020 Christmas tree ?
....stash the stash ?
....go to the bathroom ?
....cut up my cocaine ?
....crank the tunes L O U D ?
....roll up my joints ?
....plan my next move ?
....fling my poo ?
....spit on the "Drumpf In '24" sticker ?
....spit on the "DeBlasio In '18" sticker ?
....hide from the cops ?
....pose my Vogue models ?
....lean on SOMEthing solid ?
....check for orphaned quarters ?
....sell my books?
....satisfyingly S L A M the phone U P / S I D E W A Y S / D O W N ?
....find my compadres ? myself ?


Anonymous said...

I agree. During the hurricane the pay phones were the only reliable way to call out of a disaster area that had uncharged cells, water damage to cables, and no electricity.

Anonymous said...

During the Great Blackout of '03, there was a line down the block for the pay phone outside my building. I still had a landline which worked fine. Same with the gas stove.

Anonymous said...

One was removed on the SE corner of 23rd & First the other week. Now the spot looks like an empty tree bed. No sign of anything to come.

Anonymous said...

Brother, can you spare a quarter ?

Anonymous said...

Please no more linkNYC, no more citibikes, no more corporate BS on the sidewalk/street

Jared the NYC Tour Guide said...

Redundant systems are expensive, but when you need them, they are priceless.

Bring back copper landlines, and working payphones.

That being said: General Y and Z have no clue how to use them.

Anonymous said...

We know how to use pay phones : Dial 1-800-COLLECT. “To accept press 1”

Anonymous said...

bring those beauties back! those are my offices/second homes in the city!!!! and I bet I'm not the only one!