Wednesday, March 23, 2022

What's the deal? Lot Stop slated for former Duane Reade space on 1st Avenue

There has been ramped-up speculation about the future of the NW corner of 14th Street and First Avenue ever since Papaya Dog closed last fall

The corner looks ripe for development with the block-long stretch of (mostly) one-level structures. 

Perhaps someday we'll see some kind of condoplex or mixed-use new building. But in the near future, the former Duane Reade space just north of 14th Street will be home to a discount store called Lot Stop with the slogan "A Real Deal!" (Thanks to Sonya for the pic!

There are nearly a dozen Lot Stops in the tri-state area. Here's more about their biz, via the chainlet's website:
Lot Stop is a family-operated business founded in 2011. We pride ourselves on offering name brands at the lowest price possible. Our close-out buying team sources deals nationally every week enabling us to provide incredible bargains. 
As the world was transitioning to online shopping, we did not want our neighborhoods to lose the convenience and feeling of connection that comes with a "brick-and-mortar" shopping experience. We study trends, popular name brand items, and necessities to provide the same merchandise as superstores and online giants, at better prices. We take pride in carefully choosing our locations to create an asset to the community through stellar employees and developing lasting relationships with the many who shop here. 
The Duane Reade closed here in November 2019

Lot Stop is the second discount shop to open in the EV this spring... joining USA Super Stores in the former Duane Reade on Third Avenue and 10th Street.


JAMES said...

I saw them busy-bee working on this space for the last few weeks and since I couldnt ask anyone what's going on I was hoping SUPER Sleuth EV Grieve would deliver! And you did!

Anonymous said...

Add to that the store that replaced JAM PAPER, and we'll soon have 3 "discount" (dollar) stores in the neighborhood.

Gar said...

With the cost of inflation. I'm not made about discount purchases, although I would steer clear of buying medicines and off brand food products from
These places, but sometimes score about to expire high brands though.

I hate New Things said...

Between this, Lots Less, and USA Superstores, are these the new replacements for the old guard of banks and chain pharmacies?