Monday, March 21, 2022

The former Barnyard Cheese Shop is for rent on Avenue B

Unfortunately, the Barnyard Cheese Shop's Barnyard Express experiment didn't last.

In early December, Beatriz Gutierrez decided to reopen her popular sandwich shop/market for weekend-only service at 168 Avenue B between 10th Street and 11th Street. It was done by the end of January. 

This past week, the smaller for-rent sign on the storefront was joined by a much-larger banner.

Barnyard closed in October after Gutierrez could not find someone to helm her kitchen. Her longtime cook, who lost a brother during the pandemic, left to be with his family in Mexico. 

Barnyard Cheese Shop's companion business next door, Brix Wines, remains open.


MrNiceGuy said...

Sad news, I have missed Barnyard and was hoping they'd get back to being open full time. I'm thankful Brix is still going in full swing, it's definitely my favorite wine shop in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Terrible, I don’t think anyone was aware of the weekend time revival and it sure didn’t last long enough for anyone to go, especially December to January the most vacant part of the year for the city.

Maybe The Whit can be pseudocrafted at Sunny & Annie’s?

Anonymous said...

Remember East Village Cheese when it was on 3rd Avw and 9th St? We can never get it back. Good cheese on the cheap and some bread and coffee.