Sunday, March 13, 2022

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo from Tompkins Square Park yesterday by Steven) ...

• Sunny's Florist is BACK (Monday

• Two Boots supporting Ukraine with 2 new pizzas, including the Mr. Ze (Monday

• Let's take another look at the eerie remains of the long-abandoned 6 Avenue B (Thursday

• A visit to Arka, the 71-year-old Ukrainian gift shop on 2nd Street (Tuesday

• A sign of spring amid the bulldozed remains of East River Park (Tuesday

• Mayor Adams visits the EV (Monday

• The art of East Village artist Tabboo! at Karma (Saturday)

• A sneak peek at El Colmado, opening soon on East Houston Street (Thursday

• Ramen Setagaya's St. Mark's Place location looking very closed (Monday

• Why the Fillmore East commemorative plaque is missing on 2nd Avenue (Wednesday)

• #Baonanas bringing their version of banana pudding to 7th Street (Wednesday

• Chef Tan signage arrives on St. Mark's Place (Tuesday)

• On 9th Street, wind sends sidewalk-bridge plywood onto 2 cars below (Tuesday

• World party on 14th Street: Hello, Bong World! (Wednesday

• Higher Empire announces itself on 1st Avenue (Thursday

• Report: 'Rowdy teens' blamed for series of attacks at Sheen Brothers on 10th and B (Tuesday

• Purple reign: Incoming Taco Bell now looking more like a Taco Bell (Monday

• Today is the day for the new, smaller TD Bank to debut on 3rd Avenue (Thursday)


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