Wednesday, March 9, 2022

World party on 14th Street: Hello, Bong World!

There's a new business signage reveal at 226 E. 14th St. between Second Avenue and Third Avenue... please welcome — Bong World! (Thanks for the photo, Pinch!)

As we understand it, the new business will be specializing in low-pitched, resonant sounds of the kind made by a large bell. Bong! Or maybe water pipes to enjoy dry cannabis flowers.

The landlord here split the retail space in half. The other side remains on the rental market. (What will pair well with a bong shop?)

The previous tenant, Williamsburg Pizza, decided not to reopen this spot during the pandemic. The pizzeria's other locations remain in service. 


Anonymous said...

A beer shop would be the perfect accompaniment.

marjorie said...

Oh, I thought it was a store celebrating the visionary work of South Korean film director Bong Joon-ho is a South Korean film director, producer and screenwriter. His emphasis on social themes, genre-mixing, black humor, and sudden tonal shifts is surely a fine match for the East Village.

Anonymous said...

I thought these shops were just on St Marks place like in the 80’s when weed was not legal. Now weed is legal in NY, it’s weird to see these types of stores so casual.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Back in my youth, you'd usually get asked to leave if you even utter the word 'bong' in one of these stores.