Friday, October 10, 2008

Getting nostalgic 10 years in advance

I've been enjoying Alex's "things that aren't here now" series of photos. Made me think that I shouldn't delete any photos on my computer, no matter how insignificant they seem now. What if we're looking at the photos below 10 years from now? What might we be saying? (Oh, I did something similar to this during my guest stint at Curbed this past August...)

"Wow, this area was still called the Bowery."

"The last ATM that the government shut down!"

"$5 for a Subway sub? So cheap! And this was before Subway merged with Starbucks to create StarSubs (SubBanks?)."


"Freedom Towers should be completed in just another 7 years."

"Only $4.75 for a Coke at old Yankee Stadium? Bargain!"

"Ha! Look! No ads on the bridge!"

"How quaint! When there were shoe repair shops run by people who have been in business 40-plus years!"

"Pay phones....Wha....?"

"Wow, the Christodora was the tallest building on the block; and before Ford Models bought it for their girls!"

"No shopping mall on Grand and Clinton?!"

"The Staten Island Ferry was free!"

"Ha ha ha -- remember when there were newspapers?"

"Wonder when that $20 million will kick in for the repairs at St. Brigid's..."

"Ah, Coney Island..."

"Iggy hasn't aged a bit!"

"Wow, a corner on the Bowery without a high rise...and that was the best Bond since Thunderball!"


esquared said...


Need not forget that in 10-15 years, people will be reminiscing that The Bald Man got his start from making chocolates. In the future, The Bald Man is the mayor of NYC, if not the owner of StarSubs/SubBanks.

Jeremiah Moss said...

brilliant! do more!

Grieve said...

Dunkin'StarSubChaseReadeBerry by the Bald Man.

ken mac said...

no ads on the bridge? damn, don't give them any ideas.

Anonymous said...


Gorilla Girlz said...

did Ford really buy the Cristadora for their models????I thought these skanks could afford them themselves

esquared said...

I'm sure you've seen today's front page of AMNY--I think you just gave them an idea on putting ads on the bridges.