Thursday, October 23, 2008

When 2-3 apartments in the same building just aren't enough

Tom Cruise has reportedly gobbled up five units in the American Felt Building on 13th Street, where he and Mrs. C have been staying of late. "One they use for a gym, and two apartments are for staff." You may now make a "he must have a big staff" joke. Or not. (Page Six)

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esquared said...

Of course--and he needs all that space for those Scientology books to become a thetan.

EV Grieve said...

When he eventually moves out, do you think he'll unload all the books at the Strand? It's so close!

esquared said...

If Strand would accept them. They can go outside at the 50 cents and $1 dollar books, and they still won't sell.

NYU Bobst Library would be more than willing to take them. I wouldn't be surprised if John Sexton is a master thetan.