Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meanwhile, another cute shop looks to move

The Knit New York Shop on 14th Street at Second Avenue, another place I have never visited, is moving. No word yet on a new location.


lvv said...

That place is really sweet. They would give a free, individual knit/crochet lesson if you spent just $25. Plus they had coffee and baked goodies.

I hope this doesn't mean trouble for that end of the block, because Steve Express, my absolute favorite shoe-repair place, is just a few doors down, and if they disappear I will lose it. You will then know me as the angry shoeless girl of the upper East Village.

lvv said...

also LOL'ing at the "knitty gritty" tag!

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the comment, Ivv... Be interesting to see if KNY stays in the neighborhood. And I'm with you on the future of 14th Street. I always feel as if the KFC/Subway/Pizza Hut/Arthur Treachers of the block will keep moving east.