Friday, February 5, 2010

EV Grieve Etc: Mourning Edition

LES neighbors let the SLA have it (The Lo-Down)

No progress at Chumley's (Jeremiah's Vanishing NY)

Rat tails in Tompkins Square Park (Neither More Nor Less)

TSP at dusk (Greenwich Village Daily Photo)

Curbed checks in on the million dollar condos at 32 Clinton (at Stanton). Says the broker: "We have a lot of West Villagers coming over here because this area is now what that was 15 years ago. The West Village is too chic. This area is raw and gritty, and the young creative crowd want that."

That sketchy Blimpie/pizza/sushi place on Park Row was shuttered by the DOH again

Why is the newish Chase branch in FiDi built to look like a Jersey diner?

Snoop Dog and Storm Trooper at the SoHo Adidas (Racked)

Snooki is always watching (BuzzFeed)

Big Blue condo for sale (BoweryBoogie)

Can't wait to read this on my Kindle!* Via (lordy) GaGaDaily:

The rumors are true: Overlook Press is publishing the first biography of the world’s favorite pop star. The press release says:

“In Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame biographer Emily Herbert introduces 23 year old Stefani Germanotta. A Catholic school girl turned go-go dancer, Gaga rose out of the Lower East Side club scene to reign supreme in the pop world.

“An inspiring story as well as commentary on today’s celebrity and fame-obsessed culture, Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame is a well-researched, intimate look into the music, fashion, art, and life of the first Lady of pop.”

* Not true. Just seeing if I could bait Jeremiah....

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