Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good news, kids! NYU dining halls now with fewer vermin

There's an investigative piece in the Washington Square News — NYU's student newspaper — that examine's the university's health violations in dining halls.... To the story!

Health violations at NYU's dining halls dropped to 2008 levels after a sharp increase in the beginning of 2009, according to a WSN analysis of New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's restaurant inspections.

In March 2009, examinations at the university's dining halls received an average score of 19. During the most recent round of inspections, the average number of violation points for the 15 dining locations listed was 11, the same number of points as in 2008. While 28 points is considered a failing grade, 14 points is the New York City average.

NYU Director of Dining Facilities Owen Moore said the issues raised by the inspection reports are being addressed. One of the most common issues in the report was that the facility was not "vermin-proof," with "evidence of live mice in facility's food." According to Moore, NYU has been working with pest control experts.

"In New York, there's always going to be that problem — because of the fact that it is a several hundred year old city," Moore said. "You're never going to eliminate, only control."

And later!

Stern freshman Janshaaz Khan recently picked a green piece of roast beef out of his Quizno's sandwich. Still, he said he eats at Upstein — which scored 14 violation points — every day.

"It makes me feel vulnerable to disease," Khan said. "This was the first time, though."

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